• Want a truly flexible and reliable product with German engineering quality?

    MayTec Australia will make sure you have the solution you need! We keep virtually all parts and profiles in stock and if we don’t have it, we can usually get it in for you. All our profiles are brought in from Germany and are subject to the tightest tolerances and quality control.

  • Could you use a team to back you up – today and in the future?

    We have a great team that’s determined to give you the best product we can. When it comes down to it – we care about what we send out the warehouse door and there’s always a sense of pride in what we provide to our customers. When you order your project or parts from us, you will know the difference.

  • Why choose us for your project?

    We use the best products available on the market without sending your budget into a tailspin.We’re a small team and determined to make sure we go the extra mile for our customers, whether that’s in the design or creating the final product, we supply things we’re happy with to you (and that isn’t easy to do!)

  • What’s great about MayTec?

    It’s more than just one simple thing but it comes down to flexibility. Your project doesn’t have to end up looking like something from a horror movie because it’s strong and needs to be flexible. Drilling holes all over the place and seeing big gaping slots in every surface of your finished product is also our idea of terrible. Smooth clean and modern lines take what we supply from just being functional to also aesthetically dynamic. We take that philosophy well beyond just the framing system and try to create truly integrated final solutions that perform outstandingly, are functional, and look good while doing it.

  • How can we assist on your project?

    Spend a few minutes covering your project with us, give us as much relevant information as you can and we’ll look after it from there. We’ll usually have something back to you as quickly as we can – cleanly presented from our own software package that will cover virtually every detail you may need to know about how and what we’re supplying. It’s straightforward and we try to include everything we can to make it as simple as we can for you to get what you need. We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop while your product is coming together and get back to you with issues or concerns we’ll have so they’re dealt with long before you have to deal with them yourself. To find out more about our design and advice services – see our services page.

  • History & background information

    If you’re looking for information on the structure and formation of our company we’d be happy for you to come in, sit down and enjoy a coffee with us!
    In summation… we were established in 1999 and are a division of our parent company in Germany. They’re the guys who provide us with the technical backup when we encounter something so weird and wonderful we’ve never seen it before!! If you’re keen to explore that more deeply you can find them at this web address MayTec Germany