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    Profiles & Accessories

    Details on all our profiles, connectors, accessories and futher technical information.

    If you want to see our profile range only – click here.
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    Take an in-depth look at our lightweight and modular conveyors

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    Technical information for use of profile in cleanrooms

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    Product Summary

    If you want a simple overview of applications for our products it’s in here

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    Glass Panel Profile

    If you have an application that specifically needs glass to be used

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    See the full catalogue on our specialised telescopic system

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Note on MayCAD for Australia

Please note that this software is a work in progress and that while many of the prices and details may be correct, they do change from time to time. We're making updates all the time so let us know you have suggestions

Before ordering or confirming final pricing, please get in touch with us first!

Some parts and materials are not available in Australia.

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Australian settings

If you happen to miss the AU settings while installing simply click

FILE -> SETTINGS and change these two valuesMayCAD-AUSettings

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