Construction/Flatpack Options


We can provide our profiles, accessories and items such as panels or doors to you in an easy to assemble kit. We can label all the parts of your project so they match up with documentation, we can even walk you through how to put it together and provide any tips and tricks we might know to make the process even easier.


We pride ourselves on being able to work with you however you might require that. We can do full assembly and installation. We can assemble whatever parts you might need to use right now, and then finish the project at a latter date. Deliver and fit to your required location.

As complete as you like 

Often we find that customers need a mix of assembly and flat pack. So we can look after the complicated sections, make sure they’re just right for you and then give you step by step instructions on how to put the last parts together. Easy!

Your staff went out of their way to help me with an order, even though it was a small one. I find it a very rare thing these days to find service like this(extremely rare). Credit where credit is due I say .
Peter S, Filtration Australia


Our friendly and experienced team can guide you through the most complicated of scenarios to reach the results you desire. With just a few simple pieces of information, we can usually get to work on what you require.

Our design service is totally FREE so take advantage of it!

To help make the process easier – let us know:

  • What is the project about – what is it supposed to do?
  • Any particular important information – cleanrooms, exhibition, hard working etc.
  • Your important dimensions – inside, outside, overall.
  • Weights and loads on the structure (as well as any tolerance you’re sticking to)
  • Any details on your budget or quantities.

You are welcome to send us your drawing (however simple that may be) and we can start working to that. From there we’ll go about taking your requirement into three dimensional solutions, one profile and connector at a time!

The shipment arrived as planned with all components listed.Thanks again for your kind support.
Andres V, QUT

Machining Abilities

Cutting & Machining

We can supply any of our profiles cut to size. Angles, special cuts and any of the machining that you may require is no problem. Our team has put through thousands of projects, so we’re sure to be able to look after yours.

CNC Panels & Plates

We can supply a range of panels, plates, and even profiles with CNC machining. If you require a project, completed from one source, we can supply.

Onsite Installation

We can bring your completed project to its final destination, fit, install, reassemble or even disassemble if you happen to be moving locations. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make sure we accommodate your requirements.

You gents have done a fantastic job.Matthew B, Raytheon

Advice & Consultation

If you’re just starting out on a project and need some basic information – like what size profile to work with, what kind of stock we have on hand, we can help. If you’ve never worked with aluminium profiles.

Please get in touch with us from the start as we can save on costs for your project by making sure that it’s specified correctly from the very beginning.

If you can start out with the information in the design section, we can get back to you with simple information. Alternatively if your project is particularly complicated then we can:

  • come to you

  • invite you to visit us

  • help work with you online

  • discuss it further in a phone call

If in the end you decide you’d like to work it all out yourself just visit out technical section and you can download almost all the information you’re going to need right there.

See our technical section for more information



We can deliver to you in Australia and New Zealand. Just let us know where you are and we’ll make sure we’ll get what you need.
We also ship or air freight throughout Asia, so if you have projects locally or thousands of kilometers away, we can get your product there. Through us and our distribution network, we service:

New Zealand
South East Asia

Through our wider network, we can get your project to just about anywhere in the world!