Security & Monitoring Stations

With our extremely versatile and modular framing system, we can create a security or monitoring station that is suited to your specific requirements. We can create almost any kind of layout or configuration for your application. We have created everything from simple dual screen applications to stations with multiple monitors and walls incorporated. If you have a project that needs to work well, be OH&S compliant and be long term reliable, get in touch with us.
Information on our screen related benches

Our simple multi-screen units suit many businesses where between 2 and 6 screens are required. We can accommodate a variety of screen sizes and heights as well as creating variable size depths and heights to your bench. We can create almost any configuration to suit your space and application:

  • Multi-monitor benches
  • Joined benches
  • Integrated benches and monitor walls

If you don't see what you need here, that's no problem we can make it for you!

  • Strong & lightweight frame with natural anodised finish.
  • Earthing connectors used throughout frame for potential equalisation.
  • Earthing point provided on frame to connect to building earth.
  • Height adjustable feet to allow levelling.
  • Load capacity 150kg.
  • All sizes fully customisable to your requirements
  • Working height customisable to your application.
  • Standard height for sitting use 750mm or standing use 900mm.
  • Constant monitor of work surface and operator with alarm if earthing fails.
  • Shelves above work surface.
  • Overhead lighting.
  • Adjustable height footrest.
  • Pull-out keyboard tray.
  • Adjustable height lifters (sit/stand)
  • Electrical duct with power outlets, above or below work surface.
  • Cable management duct.
  • Monitor mount arms.

We can add almost any options you may require, please get in touch with us with what you require.

Looking to Order or get a quote?

We know that every business has it's own requirements, so for us to best help you - fill in a simple data sheet, email it to us and we'll get back to you.

Simple 6 monitor bench
from $699+GST
(Standard 1000x750x650(d) supplied as parts only)

Split bench, partial lifting
from $1099+GST
(Standard 1000x750x650(d) size - supplied partially assembled)

Long monitoring bench
from $1399+GST
(Standard 2000x750x650(d) size - one section lift - flat pack)

Sample Benches: