Profiles come in 2 finishes. Note: Not all profiles are available in both finishes.Profile-Finishes
ix & iy values are for moment of inertia cm4           wx & wy values are for moment of resistance cm3



Why Choose MayTec Australia

  • Largest Range of Profiles

    Largest range of profiles and accessories making it the most comprehensive and flexible slotted profile system in the world. Select from hundreds of light weight or heavy profiles depending on your application requirements

  • Profile Face Options

    Profiles can be selected with multiple closed faces allowing the design to have slots only where required. Unnecessary slots are avoided to reduce any dust build up or just look great.

  • Size Options

    Choose from profiles in sizes from 10mm up to 200mm with any number of slot combinations to make your project look great. The range of MayTec profiles is large enough to suite the most complex of jobs.

  • German Engineering Quality

    All profiles are manufactured to the highest tolerances and are guaranteed to comply with the specifications provided in the catalogue. The tight tolerances of the profile and high quality of the aluminium alloy guarantee strength and stability every time.

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