Platforms & Stairs

When it comes to platforms and stairs MayTec can provide you with the tailor made solution you have been looking for. With our extensive range of profiles and our experience in working within a wide variety of industries, we can produce the result you have been looking for.


Aluminium platforms-weld free
We have provided to commercial, industrial, warehousing, aerospace, scientific, medical and defence. Let us provide you with a solution that is both strong and reliable that won’t start to come apart after just a few years of use.
Our tried and tested connector system ensures that over the long haul, your product will work for you day in day out in the most demanding conditions. If you typically looked for a welded product and found that over time it just couldn’t last – then we have the real alternative.
Our aluminium profile platforms can be manufactured quickly and with just a short consultation process we can design and deliver a custom platform that is perfectly suited to your needs.
High strength & lightweight frames
With a large range of aluminium profiles available, as well as the connectors to suit, we can develop a platform solution for you that will match the loads and tolerances that you may require. With a flexible and modular design we can even make sure that when your needs change, we can modify and adjust your existing product. ProfileSizes Whether you require something that will take a real punishing, or need something that will look smart as well as work well, we can design the right solution for your budget.
  • Stairs and handrails
  • Shelves and equipment mounts
  • Lifting elements
  • Bolt down anchors
  • Pull-out keyboard tray.
  • Adjustable height lifters (sit/stand)
  • Electrical duct with power outlets, above or below work surface.
  • Cable management duct.
  • Monitor mount arm.

We can add almost any options you may require, please get in touch with us with what you require.

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Different environments require different kinds of platforms and specifications, so for us to best help you - fill in a simple data sheet, email it to us and we'll get back to you. 

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Let us help design your platform or frame to your requirements FREE.
A flexible and strong framing system.

All MayTec profiles are manufactured to the highest tolerances and will live up to some of the harshest environments. The tight tolerances of the profile and high quality of the aluminium alloy guarantee strength and stability every time.

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Our Head Office is located in Sydney and welcome you to arrange an appointment to discuss your project in more detail or if you’d like to come in, or you need to collect your order or see some of our products. If you are outside of Sydney don’t worry you can get everything you need in Australia or New Zealand through one of our distributors.

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