ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Benches

We have been working multiple leading edge technology and innovation companies in our country for the last decade. With that experience we have been able to provide the latest and most reliable ESD benches and accessories on the market. From our experience, we can work with you to ensure the benches we supply are fully compliant with your products and environment.

We work with Australia’s top research, defense and medical institutions – get in touch to see how we can assist you!

Some information on ESD and what we supply

We offer 2 main options with all the ESD benches we design:

ESD Complete. A comprehensive grounding system. This includes a full ESD compliant laminate top, frame and grounding kit.
ESD Partial. This means we can supply a bench with a standard worktop and a ESD matt and/or grounding kits to provide a more cost effective result.

If you require more information on ESD please visit this page.

MayTec’s ESD compliance meets the ANSI ESD S 4.1 (US Standard) Work Surface Resistance Requirement of < 1 X 10^9 ohm.

MayTec’s ESD workbenches are able to be fully customised to virtually any design, specification or size.

Shelves -fixed and adjustable, drawers and footrests can be made out of a variety of materials and components or aluminium profile. We can cater for any number of individual specifications depending on your requirements.

We also have a wide range of accessories and components to suit a large range of specific tasks and applications that can be added or adapted to your ESD workbench.

Flexible Designs

As with any of the benches and workstations provided by MayTec, we can offer you a large range of options and flexibility to your design. From initial design we can create the basis for your ESD Bench and ensure that your end product is safe and still allows those working on it to have a functional and pleasant working space.

We have worked with a multitude of companies from the ground up to design and built ESD work benches that conform to OH&S standards as well as ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.

ESD Benches Suited to the Task

Using our in house designed connectors and aluminium profile system to create the frame of your ESD bench, we can produce a variety of combinations that allow for it to be suited to your application. We can accommodate for a wide variety of applications and loads as well as flexibility in being able to fit any mountings or storage you may require on your bench.

Manufactured with quality ‘cleanroom’ aluminum profiles that can be assembled in any combination. This allows us to provide you with a reliable and worry free solution for your ESD workbench.

We can create your new bench in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Features to Suit

With a huge range of accessories from our catalogue, we’re sure to be able to provide you with solutions to suit every requirement. We can provide customised shelving, profile colours, bench tops and panels to suit your application

A flexible and strong framing system.

All MayTec profiles are manufactured to the highest tolerances and will live up to some of the harshest environments. The tight tolerances of the profile and high quality of the aluminium alloy guarantee strength and stability every time.


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