ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Benches

We have been working with a range of cutting edge and innovative companies for the last decade. From that experience we have been able to provide the latest and most reliable ESD benches and accessories on the market. With that experience, we can work with you to ensure that the benches we supply are fully compliant with your products, personnel and environment.

We work with Australia's top research, defense and medical institutions - see how we can assist you!

Simple ESD - Plain top, suits ESD mat.
Starts from $699+GST


Standard With ESD Laminate top:From $1499+GST


Typical - Includes ESD laminate and shelf. 
Pricing Starts from $1799+GST


Full ESD - Shelving, footrest and grounding monitor.
Pricing starts from $2199+GST

Information on our ESD products

We offer 2 main options with all the ESD benches we provide:

ESD Complete -  A comprehensive grounding system. This includes a full ESD compliant laminate top, frame, ESD monitor and grounding kit.
ESD Partial - This means we can supply a bench with a standard worktop and a ESD mat and/or grounding kits to provide a more cost effective result.

Our ESD compliance meets the ANSI ESD S 4.1 (US Standard) Work Surface Resistance Requirement of < 1 X 10^9 ohm. 

If you require more information on ESD please visit this page.

  • Strong & lightweight frame with natural anodised finish.
  • Earthing connectors used throughout frame for potential equalisation.
  • Earthing point provided on frame to connect to building earth.
  • Height adjustable feet to allow levelling.
  • Load capacity 150kg.
  • All sizes fully customisable to your requirements
  • Working height customisable to your application.
  • Standard height for sitting use 750mm or standing use 900mm.
  • Constant monitor of work surface and operator with alarm if earthing fails.
  • Shelves above work surface.
  • Overhead lighting.
  • Adjustable height footrest.
  • Pull-out keyboard tray.
  • Adjustable height lifters (sit/stand)
  • Electrical duct with power outlets, above or below work surface.
  • Cable management duct.
  • Monitor mount arm.

We can add almost any options you may require, please get in touch with us with what you require.

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