MayTec conveyor systems are highly modular and one of the best designed and built options available. With our focus on the light and medium weight market we have a product that is perfectly suited for your needs. MayTec have worked through the best aspects of current conveyor designs to develop a simple answer to your unique issue or request.


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Why choose MayTec Conveyors
  • Quality parts & construction
  • Fast & Easy parts replacement
  • Vibration-proof components
  • German design & engineering
  • Fast and simple adjustment
  • Lightweight aluminium construction (no welds)
Conveyors are built with MayTec’s custom connector system meaning that there is no welding involved. Connectors are vibration proof and tested in the most challenging roles to ensure your peace of mind. With this connection system it also means pulling everything apart and putting it back together again is a simple process.

Down times are kept low and the skill needed to make changes or servicing is easy enough for even a handyman to cope with. Short build times are no problem at all because of the modular nature and makes sure that we can get your conveyor to you in the shortest time possible. This simplistic yet effective design allows for easy handling and adjustments during day to day running of the conveyor system.
MayTec conveyors are available in a large range of sizes:
  • From  100mm wide and just 300mm long
  • From 1000mm and up to 12,000mm long
  • Available in heights of 35, 65, 105 and 155mm
  • Loads of up to 110kg/m
  • Pull or push configuration
  • Left and right hand motor mounts
  • Under belt or centre drive options

Even with a range of profile sizes, belt & drive options our modular system can still be quickly assembled. Easy servicing and adjustable set up makes them very cost effective in the long run. Using known motor and gearbox suppliers such as SEW and Bonfiglioli, a unique design allows quick assembly and fixing of the motor unit to the conveyor drive.

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We can create conveyors in a number of sizes and configurations to suit your environment

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