Our cleanrooms have been supplied to a number of industries across Australia covering fields such as:

electrical engineering, research, optical, pharmaceutical, medical

The MayTec range of profiles can be utilised for a variety of cleanroom sizes as we’re able to create virtually any size room that caters to your environment.
The main types of rooms we supply are below, but if you’re unsure about any of the details of the rooms please get in touch with us and we can point you in the right direction.

We can help you design your idea cleanroom FREE of charge

Hardwall Cleanrooms

Hardwalls are typically supplied with a lower section that is a solid material such as an aluminium composite. Insulated panels can also be supplied if there are specialised requirements for temperature or insulation.Upper sections are typically clear polycarbonate to allow visibility through the room and to allow ambient light to enter. In some cases where a double glazing requirement needs to be filled we can also supply a solution.

Another feature of our hardwall system is the ceiling structure. We can create grids that allow support for equipment and/or services can be supplied. Custom sized fittings for filters or pressure units can easily be worked into the design so that it provides support for any equipment and minimises the chance of dust intrusion near openings.

Equipment columns, electrical trunking or facilities to accommodate compressed air, electronics or data cabling can all be made part of the design so that the end product is a seamless and integrated design for your cleanroom.

Softwall Cleanrooms

Another great feature that can be incorporated into the design of your cleanroom is to allow benches or workstations to be an integrated part of the room itself. This provides the practicality of both cost and minimising additional surfaces within the room.
In many ways our softwall systems are similar to the hardwall system. We can provide flexible curtain type walling, or easy fit and remove panels. Whichever requirement you need, the process of assembly and disassembly is a straight forward one and we supply instructions and/or assistance for you.

Also in keeping with the hardwall system is our ability to create a ceiling grid that allows fitting of HEPA filters and any other services you may require for the room. Additional services such as electrics, pneumatics and data can still be incorporated into these type rooms without compromising their effectiveness.

Hybrid Cleanrooms

The hybrid system can be tailored to suit your requirements going forward. Due to the fact that our cleanrooms are based on a tried and tested system of aluminium framing it means that you know at that future date we will have the parts that you require!
If you do have something that’s a little more complex in its requirements then feel free to have a consultation with us and we’re sure to find a solution to accommodate your needs.


A flexible and strong framing system.

All MayTec profiles are manufactured to the highest tolerances and will live up to some of the harshest environments. The tight tolerances of the profile and high quality of the aluminium alloy guarantee strength and stability every time.


Cleanroom Cabinet Samples

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