About Us

MayTec Australia is the Asia Pacific arm of our parent company in Germany. We're a dedicated team of hard working and resourceful people who do everything we can to make sure the product that leaves our workshop is the very best available. All the parts in our catalogue are sourced from Germany, and with a little help from some local product,

we produce a wide range of products that we genuinely believe is second to none.
What We Do

A big part of our day to day is cutting, machining and assembling the various projects that we’re involved in. To be able to do that we keep a comprehensive warehouse of stock, profiles and accessories. We will work with you on your design (for free) and make sure you’re getting the very best result with our products. From there we can do as little or as much as you need done. From supplying raw material to full unit installations on your site. We can also get whatever you need to exactly where you are. Whether that’s through one of our distributors or directly.

Who We Are

We’re an talented, enthusiastic and committed team, big on dedication and getting you a great product in as short of a time frame as possible. We have skills that vary from engineering to construction, cabinet making and general metal work, so we can produce a wide scope of products, backed by years of experience, to provide you with something that will function, look great and last the distance.

About our profile system

We sell what we believe is easily the best profile system available on the market. The fit, finish and the quality of the product is second to none. When you add the versatility and the strength of our connector system, it means we simply can’t be beaten. Anything else is simply a cheap immitation! Our products are made in Germany, our quality assurance system is in-depth and the tolerances we work to are the reason we supply medical, scientific and defence industries. Our dedication to our customers is what keeps us going.

Why choose us?

It’s more than just one simple thing but it comes down to flexibility. Your project doesn’t have to end up looking like something from a horror movie because it’s strong and needs to be flexible. Drilling holes all over the place and seeing big gaping slots in every surface of your finished product is also our idea of terrible. Smooth clean and modern lines take what we supply from just being functional to also aesthetically dynamic. We take that philosophy well beyond just the framing system and try to create truly integrated final solutions that perform outstandingly, are functional, and look good while doing it.

The team to back you up now and in the future

We have a great team that’s determined to give you the best product we can. When it comes down to it – we care about what we send out the warehouse door and there’s always a sense of pride in what we provide to our customers. When you order your project or parts from us, you will know the difference.

German Engineering
Reliable and Precise
Simple and Durable Connection System
Widest Range of T-slot Profiles Available
High Strenth Core
Huge Range of Accessories to Complement